Just to let you know I've received my check today, got exactly what I was promised! 
Thanks! -
Jeff Morane, California

When selling my iPhone, I called Alex and met with him personally in Miami Beach. He paid me cash! Great guy, good luck with your site!
Jared Kenworth, Florida

Hey, Recycle4Cash mailed me a package, all I had to do was slip my phone in and drop it in the blue box.  Received check in 3 days!Great Cash for iPhone.
Sandra Clifford, New York
You can actually call them directly, no waits, no messages, fast response. I enjoyed selling my iPhone.
Thanks Alex!
Jeremy Leech, Florida
I sent out my phone, and received my cash via paypal. Cash in iPhone here! 
Fast and easy!
Henry Ruthford, Washington
Payed me what I was promised! I recommended my whole staffing department when selling iphone!
John Leech, Florida
Alex helped me to get some money for my old useless iphone. I bought now a new one - 3gs. It's great!!
Thank you. Alex!
Lina N.

I sold my two phones and get a new one. It cost me FREE! I'll recommend this company to my friends. Very good service!
Peter Rodney,
Ft. Lauderdale

Your service was awesome! I just wanted to leave you some feedback on your service. I tried selling my phone on e-bay and it became a big hassle. It sold for $380 dollars but I could never actually get any money for the phone. Had I known about your service, I would never have wasted my time and energy with e-bay. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking to sell their phone. I like to get the word out about great businesses and yours is excellent!
Jim Morrison

First time for everything! I'm truly pleased with the process,fast with pre-paid package and once I sent of my IPhone, I recived my check as promised. All I have to say is "WOW" Thank you and I was truly pleased to deal business with you. Excellent service!!
Thanks, Varittha

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